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Buti pa si android mahal ako, kaysa sau wala ka pinapakita sakin kht kunting love skn :( (Taken with instagram)

(via kimpoyfeliciano)

(via kimpoyfeliciano)

Keep on smiling till someone realize how pretty you are :) (Taken with instagram)

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.

KONY 2012

Do you all know who is JOSEPH KONY? 

KONY is one of the dangerous man in africa..you all know why? well it is because he kidnapped all the children in there and made him a slave and command them to kill their own parents.. Alam nyo kung mapapanuod nyo lang ang video na KONY 2012 100% sure ako na maawa kayo kung ano ang buhay ng mga tao don sa AFRICA.. Panigorado mapapaiyak kau kasi poro mga bata ang kinukuha nya and he’s treating them like a pig especially sa mga batang babae ni rarape niya ito. Wala magawa ang mga bata kundi sundin ang mga utos niya kasi if they are planning to escape they will die. Mga iba naman nakaligtas pero hirap na hirap rin sila sa pagtatago kay Kony„ the’ve been hiding for a year with no shelter and not enough food to eat„ 

I can’t stand watching them suffering a lot, if my maitutulong lang ako sa kanila gagawin ko tlga to help them. The only thing i can do is spread this video and convince other people to support to those children who’s suffering a lot to survive.

Please help them and spread this video..


behind those smile there’s always im afraid of..afraid of that i may not be able to see you again:) 

To get a man’s heart is through his stomach